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applying a nonlinear regression equation will fit the data very well with high accuracy

Regression is a most popular statistical data mining technique. The goal of regression is to derive a smooth well-defined curve to best the data. Regression analysis techniques, for example, can be used to model and predict the energy consumption as a function of daily temperature. Simply plotting the data may show a non-linear curve. Applying a non-linear regression equation will fit the data very well with high accuracy. Once such a regression model has been developed, the energy consumption on any future day can be predicted using this equation. The accuracy of the regression model depends entirely upon the dataset used and not at all on the algorithm or tools used. Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) is a sophisticated data mining technique from the Artificial Intelligence stream in Computer Science. It mimics the behavior of human neural structure: Neurons receive stimuli, process them, and communicate their results to other neurons successively, and eventually a neuron outputs a de…

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