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proper numbers are aligned by default to the right

You might think, on first look, that the function has been successful but look a little closer and you will see that something is wrong – the values that we trimmed are not behaving as numbers. These are some of the indicators that something isn’t right:The original column of data that has the leading spaces and the column that has the trimmed numbers in it are both aligned to the left, regardless of whether you format the numbers or not. Proper numbers are aligned, by default, to the right.When you select at least two cells that contain trimmed numbers, the status bar on your worksheet will show COUNT. When you are dealing with numbers, you should also see AVERAGE and SUMWhen you apply a SUM function to the cells you trimmed, the result will be zero.So, using the TRIM function here hasn’t worked because it hasn’t removed the spaces properly. By all accounts, the values you trimmed are text strings – was wanted numbers. This is easy enough to fix – simply multiply all the values you t…

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